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Welcome to Lawebema findom

Packages available for my slaves, subs, pay pigs ...


Package 1

Chastity Training 

I will lock your up for 1 week

Price: 80 Euro

2022-12-29 19.05.43.jpg

Package 2

Daily tasks for slaves

50 euro per task have to send proof of it, incl. posted on my twitter


Package 3

Your PC control with TeamViewer

I will control your PC for 1 week 

Price: 200 Euro


I am a woman who likes bdsm. Dominance is my world. I'm not a beginner, but I'm not even an amateur. I have been in this world for 20 years. Many of you know and remember me for the hundreds of mainly spanking, caning films I made during this time.

Many of you have always wanted to contact Me as your Mistress, but this was only possible in one or two exceptional cases, for those who were sufficiently humble, respectful and above all gallant. They are the ones who earned my attention with their humility and generosity.

They paid, and then they paid even more, just because I exist, because they could talk to me in writing.

They asked, begged, humiliated, respected, loved and paid for my attention and control over and over again and the game always started over. So, that's how I became a findom.

Be generous in choosing the payment size that you tribute me with!

I know I'm worth everything!
I love being able to control your entire life with just my personality.


Virtually and online only!                                                                     

Download your blackmail or chastity contract:

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